Evergreen Smart Homes - brings smart home features to your home

Evergreen Smart Homes is company located in beautiful Evergreen CO.
Our mission is to bring smart home features to our clients.


First of all, welcome to our new website.  We are happy to have you here!

In today’s world many devices we use daily are connected devices. Cell phones, tablets, computers. They are excellent source of information we want and need. Many devices communicate with other connected devices using internet, WiFi  etc.  We crave information! As a result, we are starting to see more and more smart devices.

Smart homes are homes that incorporate smart connected devices to make your life easier, more comfortable and more fun.  Smart home features are here to stay.  It seems like they are everywhere.

We see new smart devices every month. We include them in our smart home systems. They become part of our daily life.  Companies are rushing to be first to bring new exciting features on the market. Often leaving customers with many choices. That can be be sometimes intimidating.

That is where Evergreen Smart Homes can help you.  We will bring you series of articles showing real life examples of home automation. Stay tuned!