Full light home automation

Motion detection smart home sensors


Our setup includes main home automation hub, smart switch and multi sensor. Multi sensor will provide feedback for motion and amount of ambient light. That is optimal combination that will give us many options to automate lights.

Light Automode ON


We have two way to quickly see if AUTOMODE ON is active.

  • When you walk in the room and conditions are met, light will turn ON
  • All LED indicators on smart switch will have same color. Smart switches we use have 7 LED indicators that change colors based on certain conditions. IN our case they are all set to blue color and last one will indicate status of AUTOMODE. If very bottom LED indicator is blue – Light Automode is ON. If you see red color, AUTOMODE OFF is active.
Smart Lighting


We have only one light to control and see below how it will work.

  • When you walk in the room and ambient light is low, light will turn ON. If we have enough ambient light in the room, light will stay OFF.
  • If there is no motion in the room for couple of minutes, main hub will turn light OFF.
  • We also set another condition and that is time of the day. We have decided that we don’t want to have light automated between 10pm and 8 am on weeks days and between 10 pm and 9 am on weekends.

All this will happen without touching the switch. There are some situation where you want to override AUTOMODE.

Smart switch with light automode OFF


Let’s get in some situations where you might want to override AUTOMODE.

  • One example is situation when get in the bed early and want to keep light on for reading or any other activity. Well, if you don’t move, light will turn off after certain time. How do I keep the light on then, you might ask. You can override it just by using switch. Tap top of the switch one like you would do normally when turning light ON with regular switch. That will turn AUTOMODE OFF and and it will keep light ON until you turn it OFF.  Once you are ready to leave the room just turn the light OFF by tapping bottom of the switch.  Automode will kick in. Everything is back to normal.
  • On the other hand you might want to keep light OFF during the day. Let’s say you want to take a nap. Every time you roll over or move light would turn ON if it’s dark enough in the room. Here we will use multi tap function. Just tap the bottom of the switch like you want to turn the light OFF but twice quickly. The smart switch will know that you want to keep the light OFF and it will turn OFF Automode together with the light.  You can enjoy your nap.

In both cases you’ll see bottom LED indicator turned red indicating that AUTOMODE is OFF. On the surface it is simple like that. It really easy to get used to it. You will be using switches unless you have to. In any case if something goes wrong with the home automation hub, you can always use your switches manually.

That is simple light home automation example. Practical and easy to use.   We will dive in more complex light examples in the future.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.