They are good for security and information

Door Sensors


Most security system use door sensors with control panel. We use them exactly the same way. Home automation hub receives status with every change. This information can trigger different actions. Classic example is triggering alarm when door opens. We are not limited to one function. Therefore, we can use this information in more than just one way.

Smart Switch Door Open


First of all, our customers like to be informed. We can set up home automation system so smart switch will indicate if door is closed or open. Switch color will change based on door sensor status. As a result, customer will know instantly if any door is open. If any door is open, top three LED indicators on smart switch will be flashing yellow color.  If all doors are closed, top three LED indicators will turn solid blue. That is only one way we can visually indicate if door is open.  Another example could be flashing lights or changing light color when door opens. We have more visual notification examples that can help people to stay informed.

Flexible system - home automation


Because visual notifications sometimes may not be enough, we can incorporate sound as well. Smart speaker are easy  and fun to use. Because of that they are in many households nowadays. Customers use them to play music from favorite streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora.  Also, they can give you quick answer to any questions you might have. Some good examples of smart speakers are Google and Amazon smart speakers. Likewise,  SONOS speakers are nice speaker that can be used. We can send any sound to any or all speakers when door opens. Door sound notifications can be easily disabled from main control panel.