Get creative with home automation  –  we all have different and unique needs.

Get security video cameras!  We believe that they help with overall home security.  You will also enjoy wildlife that get caught on recorded video.
While we enjoy seeing them, deer can be pretty hard on flowers.  In this particular situation we have combined several components of home automation to solve this “dear” problem.  That’s where you want to get creative.

Automated Water Sprinkler


– we control the water valve with home automation system. We can turn it OFF or ON based on set conditions.  In this situation, time needs to be daytime.  Deer really don’t show up too much at night here.  The motion sensor needs to be triggered. Camera needs to see activity in the specific area.
On a side note, because we have installed personal weather station and the sprinkler is automated. We can water plants based on measured rain fall for this specific location. In other words, no more wasting precious water.

Outdoor motion detector

Motion Sensor

– because we use designated outdoor sensor we are able to minimize false alerts. For example, we can set sensitivity and direction that will be best for our needs. Most importantly, the home automation system can receive feedback from this sensor. Therefore, it can be used to trigger the sprinkler on conjunction with the camera status and other conditions.

Outdoor security camera

Security Camera

– Because security cameras can talk to home automation system we can get creative and combine all these components together. When both cameras and motion sensor are triggered water sprinkler get activated.  Customer can easily enable and disable this function form wall mounted iPad controller as needed.

Yes, we have solved the problem.  Above all, we want to show you that more devices you have working together,  stronger and more capable your system will be.  To sum up, we can get creative, but we need to have something to work with.  Can you do that using three apps for three different devices?   Contact us to see if we can help you with your home automation needs.

But, first enjoy the video below showing the finished project in action.