Motorized Shades



Lutron automated shades add convenience, save energy and integrate seamlessly with other systems. Ultra-quiet driver operates shades smoothly and in precise alignment.

  • PRIVACY – Motorized shades are excellent choice to increase privacy in areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – minimize damage to your hardwood floors and furniture caused by sun
  • SAVE ENERGY – Close your blinds during the warm months to block direct sunlight and UV. Use shades during colder months to prevent heat from escaping through your windows.
  • COVENIENCE – Control shade with pus of a button for hard to reach areas such as windows big open rooms or bathroom window above the bathtub. Enjoy the covenience of controlling group of shades, individual shades all shades at the same time.

Choose from beautiful fabrics, colors, styles, and textures to give your room a crisp, clean look that complements many decorating styles.

You can control the shades with remote, app or using home automation system. Easily set up schedules for repeated shade tasks.

Automated shades can be added to your home at any point using battery operated shades with a hybrid drive design and ultra-efficient standby power, which extends the battery life to 3-5 years.