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Home Automation

Evergreen Smart Homes

What we do

  • Smart home upgrades – a cutting edge technology, the latest connected devices and a fully customized system will make your house even more enjoyable and safer.

  • Security – Surveillance cameras, motion sensors and door and window sensors will keep you informed about what is happening in your house and they can be used as part of home automation system.

  • WiFi networks – we can help you design and setup your new network or troubleshoot your existing WiFi network. Strong and reliable WiFi network is a key element for any home or business.

  • Peace of mind – people invest into a home automation system for a peace of mind.  Evergreen Smart Homes will help you to find the right smart home solution for your needs.


Almost anyone can benefit from Home Automation. Savings, safety, convenience, control, comfort and peace of mind are some words that describe Smart Home. With a wide variety of products from many different manufactures, it is difficult to make one system that meets your needs. Evergreen Smart Homes can get you features that you need and want in one simple to use but complex and sophisticated system.

Here are some features you might want:

1. Lighting control. From simple ON / OFF remote control to fully automated customized smart lighting. Just imagine walking in the house and have lights turning ON and OFF based on motion and available ambient light without touching any switches.

Read more about benefits of fully automated lighting.

2. Water leak detection. Monitor problematic spots and get notified if water is detected. Optionally shut off main water valve remotely or automatically when the water leak is detected to prevent big damages.

3. Temperature monitoring. Have your system track temperature anywhere in the house and get notified if something goes wrong. Did temperature in the house dropped below 50°F? There is a good chance that someone left the door opened or that heating system is not working properly. Easy to check out quickly if you know about it. Leave it alone for prolonged period of time and most likely you will be dealing with frozen pipes and water damage that will follow.

4. Security. Keep an eye on what is going in your home. Secure whole house or just a few rooms. How about that one room or one cabinet no one should be accessing? See is there is motion in the house, when and in what room the motion was last detected. See if any doors or windows are left open and if all door locks are locked.

5. Savings and Control. Keep lights on only when needed. Have the system turn OFF lights when no one is in the room to save energy. Control lights and thermostats remotely before you get home.

Maybe you don’t need a whole home automation system. You can start with one room or one aspect of home automation and expand later. We can also install or integrate devices you might already have if we can.

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