Smart Home Sensors – Z-wave based sensors might include temperature, humidity, motion sensors and more.

Motion detection smart home sensors

Motion sensors – are another important part of home automation. Furthermore, they are essential for full light automation. We can trigger  light action or any other action related to a detected motion.  Motion smart home sensors are very useful as part of home security. Know when there is motion and get notified about it when needed. We can set them up as a part of self monitored home security.

water leak smart home sensors

Flood sensors – as name suggests, flood sensors can detect water leaks.  Rather than hoping that you can spot water leak, we place flood smart home sensors in places where leak can happen and cause extensive damage.  Sometimes we don’t notice a small leak in time and it can cause a lot damage over time as a result. When flood sensor gets triggered,  home automation system can shut off water valve, trigger alarm and send you a notification of the event. Some of good examples where customers use flood smart home sensors are: the floor area by the water heater, bathrooms, sump pumps, sink cabinets and anywhere where leak is possible.

energy monitoring smart home sensors

Multi Sensors – will report more than just one value. As a result we use them to trigger actions based on information from motion sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, luminescence and UV sensor,  all in one device. Reported values can be used to trigger different actions and make home automation even more complex and more capable.


Other – Customers can certainly use other sensors for more specific tasks.  Some examples may include door and window security smart home sensors, garage door smart home sensors, etc. Most of these are battery powered and have many months of battery life. Hardwired smart home sensors are almost maintenance free but more difficult to integrate in existing homes. Finally, our system works best with Z-wave devices. We test new devices all the time to see what works the best for the given situation.