They are called smart for good reason!

Smart Switch On/OFF


Here we have a basic smart switch. As any connected switch it will be able to communicate with a cloud or a hub. This is a basic switch and it can only perform two actions. Turn light OFF or turn light ON.  That’s it. In many cases that is all you need for simple light automation.

Smart Dimmer


Similar to a standard smart switch it can be used to turn light ON and OFF. You can also dim the light to different levels. Dimmers will have LED indicators. The LED indicators are usually one color and there is no way to change it.

Smart Dimmer

SMART SWITCH  SMART DIMMER – with a multi-tap operation

With regular switch or dimmer, you would tap switch UP to turn light on. To turn light OFF, you would tap switch down. That is a normal switch operation we are used to.  So, what is multi-tap operation? It is exactly what it sounds like. Smart switches we use allow for multi-tap operations. You can Double-Tap UP and the previously assigned action will execute. If you Double-Tap DOWN a different action would take effect. Customer can use up to 5 Taps up or down. Imagination and creativity is your limit. This feature is available in some systems and is defendant on manufacturer.

Smart switch with light automode OFF

SMART SWITCH  SMART DIMMER – with LED color indicators

Now imagine that you can not only control lights but also get information just by looking at your switch. That is right! We can give you a lot of information about what is happening with your house by changing colors of LED indicators on your switch. We have 7 LED indicators and we can assign color to each one of them based status of devices, events etc. You’ll be able to tell if any door is open, sprinkler is running, if alarm is armed just by looking at your switch. That is what we call smart switch! This feature is available in some systems and is defendant on manufacturer.